Creator: Farauq Malik
Age rating: 17 and older
An atheist and non-believer of after-life, Aditya, stay in a haunted mansion with his pet dog for five nights as a challenge to prove his friends that ghost does not exist. Whether he really finds a ghost or he encounters demons of his own?
Synopsis: In a psychiatric counseling center, a traumatized Aditya Singhania (M/25) frantically wants to prove his aggrieved mental and physical state being the result of the interaction he had with a ghost.

The counselor, Dr. Neha Mathur (M/22), is however not convinced. She wants to further explore the deluded mind of Aditya to trace the actual cause, which has resulted in his present distressed state.

For a flamboyant Aditya, there never existed a life after death a few days ago. Scoffing Dr. Neha and her invigorating questions, Aditya recounts the events that took place a few days ago.

The mystery then unfolds. On returning from a late night party, frivolous chatting on a long drive between the three friends – Aditya, Jay (M/24) and Rahul (M/25) - turns grim.

Aditya’s Range Rover stops by a tribal funeral procession on the highway, where he offers financial assistance to the orphaned girl since the area belongs to his ancestors’ royal family.

Jay murmurs a prayer for the deceased soul. Ridiculing Jay, Aditya questions Jay’s blind belief about life after death.

A simple argument between Jay and Aditya becomes a challenge of proving self-beliefs.

Jay dares Aditya to stay in a haunted mansion (Antarnaad Palace) for five nights, which is believed to have killed whoever has gone there till date by a ghost.

As the funeral pyre rages on, Aditya accepts the challenge to prove that afterlife is a notion of weak minds, and ghosts do not exist.

Aditya takes his dog (Rony), a handicam and some food supplies to survive the challenge. The mansion was partly converted to a hotel, but due to sudden deaths of workers, the work has been stopped.

The first few days depict his frivolous mannerisms as he takes a guided tour with Rony, recording the internal geography and other ancient details of the haunted house.

Aditya, initially, enjoys the freedom of being in a haunted house. He amuses himself and Rony. He cooks food for Rony and himself; he bathes Rony; endless chats with Rony; hears old music in a gramophone. Aditya gradually unveils himself.

To kill time, he tries to immerse himself in drinks, dopes, and frivolous activities. He thinks he is wasting time in the mansion, but due to his ego, he stays back.

Gradually, loneliness starts getting on his psyche. He starts to long for company. With passing hours, Aditya becomes restless.

Rony is seen witnessing someone’s presence in the mansion intermittently. However, he is unaware of it in initially.

Eventually, Aditya grows more frustrated and depressed. The fear of being alone now starts to play on his mind. He begins to hallucinate and sees disturbing visions from his past and probable future events.

Events from his childhood, teenage and youth interrupt Aditya from his dreams and hallucinations: his mother’s hanging herself in bedroom; his father beating his mother with belt; his lonely childhood as parents fight over dinner table; his tutor sexually abusing kid Aditya; fights with Rhea who loved him very much; cheating pregnant Rhea; past flings with different girls; fear of losing the challenge to Jay and Rahul; hit-and-run case where he leaves a dying man on the road.

He starts to feel that there is someone in the house. He tries hard to trace the entity but ultimately fails.

Steadily, Aditya loses his mental balance and self-destructiveness gets over him. Aditya realizes that Rony is always looking in certain directions without his attention.

He then thinks that his friends might be playing the tricks to chuck him out of the mansion due to the fear of losing the challenge.

Challenging his friends to take on him directly, Aditya shoots his beloved Rony accidentally. His belief is shattered and he thinks someone unknown is now responsible for all unexplained.

Aditya questions God about punishing innocent Rony for his own sins. As he tries to escape the mansion, he starts to see events from his past life when he was a kid, trying to save his mother and himself from his father and tutor. He sees Rhea talking about their child. He sees the dead man (hit-and-run) asking him what was his mistake that Aditya left in cold?

He tries to ask for forgiveness from them. He now thinks that someone – a ghost - in the mansion is triggering and responsible for this trauma.

He eventually runs off with dead Rony, as if being chased by the deceased or ghost of the mansion. He finally runs out of the house on the fifth day’s early morning.

We come back to counseling room where Neha is unconvinced as nothing proves that anyone else was with them in the mansion.

Aditya’s ego further gets better on him: he questions Dr. Neha on how could she be so sure of his current state of mind is a self-inflicted one rather than his own account of demonic instigation?

Dr. Neha attributes Aditya’s conditions to be self-driven, and a brilliant act to hide his fallacy.

Dr. Neha throws a valid issue across the table: Are the external phantoms more powerful to combat with than the demons within? Or is it just a lame excuse for Aditya to cover his inner weaknesses, and blame it to the outside phenomena?

A distressed Aditya is shocked to realize Dr. Neha, a ghost, also being present in the house. She was the queen of the mansion and had committed suicide. Neha was just a witness from the time he entered the mansion and left it.

However, Neha proves that in no account she ever forced Aditya to self-battling destructiveness.

She further reinstates that whatever happened to Aditya was due to his own faults which are the summation of his one’s own actions, events in his childhood, belief system and the ability to handle traumas in life.

Dr. Neha and Aditya resolve the dilemma together: Fragmented minds stimulate disturbing powers within, and humans get trapped in their own delusion. And Ghosts do not trouble humans always.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Farauq's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Is the fear of external phantom more powerful to combat with than the demons within? A suspense thriller where a ghost is not to be feared, but a spectator of one's rise and downfall.