Creator: Bruce Hickey
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
BUZZ is a series about a college online paper. SERENA, (Cassidy Freeman) the vibrant young editor has her world turned upside down when her estranged mother ALEXIS (Sharon Lawrence) becomes managing editor of Buzz.
Synopsis: The dramatic core of BUZZ is the conflict between the spirited SERENA ZORN (19) and her estranged mother, ALEXIS HENSON, a fiery high-profile female reporter. Serena hates, loves, misses, admires and despises her famous mother. Alexis became embroiled in a scandal and refused to divulge her sources, quits her TV network job and is hired by her ex-husband DAVE ZORN to take a faculty position at The University of Los Angeles running their edgy online newspaper BUZZ, where the brilliant Serena is the editor. Now reunited and forced to deal with each other day to day creates the emotional tug of war between Serena and Alexis that drives the show’s family dramatic elements.

Alexis teaches students the art of investigative reporting as they juggle reporting stories with their turbulent romantic lives and coming of age in the epicenter of the digital revolution.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Buzz
    Creative Notes:
    Buzz is female-driven and dramatizes women fighting to make their mark in online journalism that could be right for formats in broadcast, live streaming and digital. In the era of fake news, it could be the right time for a show dramatizes online journalism and the struggle for ethics.