Zulia (revised)

Creator: BriAnna Woodard
Age rating: Everyone
In a world where society excepts only the 'normal', there are powerful Gods and Goddesses inside us all.
Synopsis: This amazing series I present to you is very special, this story is based off of the origin of the Voodoo Gods and Goddesses. It tells a beautiful story that many don’t know about. This Grandma Dani is Obatala is the Goddess of heavens, personification or creative energy and extremely powerful. Zulia who is truly Erzulia is the Goddess of love and power of creation, abundance and passion. Zulia’s mother’s name is Yemaya who is the Goddess of the sea, she gives nutrition, loving and desirable. Zulia’s father’s name is Ogun who is the wild man of the woods, god of iron and smithery, protector of wealth and work, peaceful and dangerous man. Last Zulia’s Grandfather who passed was Shango who is god of fire, fighter, justice, lord of the lightning and thunder.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - BriAnna's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Amazon Studios says they want to create a diverse audience, well what's more diverse than African culture? I revised my script so you can actually see what this story is about and why it would be a success. It reaches out to a diverse audience.