The Mountain Man and His Women Physic Vision Powers

Mountain man Vernon realize he needs help to save the love of his life. He didn't realize the hawk creatures was his birth parents. Can Vernon help his parents save the world before the wizard destroys the earth? The wizard about to be free and a wizard war coming soon!
Synopsis: The world is in danger! Wizard is about to be free. Vernon falls in love with his maid and made a mistake that puts her life at risk. He didn't believe in her physic visions and didn't listen to her that put her in the hospital. Vernon sets his birth hawk creature parents free, and didn't realize where he came from. Hawk creatures hunt for strong will power humanz to turn them into magical humans to train them for their magical army. Can Vernon help save the earth before the wizard seeks revenge to destroy earth? Watch the magical wizard war coming soon!

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Author Irene's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Mountain man Vernon meets a women Veronica and hires her for his maid. He does not believe in her physic visions. He realize he loves her after a serious accident put her health at risk. He didn't realize when he cut the tree down he set the hawk creatures free. Now the creatures hunt for strong humans to train with their new powers to build their army against the evil wizard in a wizard war.