Creator: Kyle Martin
Age rating: 13 and older
A teenager already reeling from the recent loss of his father is racked with the need for revenge when his brother is savagely murdered - possibly by a group of werewolves hiding in plain sight as the rock band, FANG.
Synopsis: Reese is a typical awkward teenager who is reeling from the recent passing of his father. One day his brother, Billy brings home a dog to cheer him up. He names the dog Ghost and this quickly jumps his spirit up. He spends most of his time hanging out at his friend's bookstore. Joel runs the store as his father drinks his savings away.

One night Billy goes to a concert of his favorite rock band, FANG. He meets a girl named Sage who he has an instant connection with. She's attacked by a crazed man and they follow him into the woods, trying to catch him. They are cornered and attacked by a werewolf. Sage's able to escape but Billy sacrifices himself so Sage can live.

Reese and his mother have a hard time dealing with the loss of Billy. Reese shuts off emotionally until Sage comes to him. She tells him of the werewolf attack but he has a hard time believing her. He eventually comes around and they discover that FANG might be the werewolves. They form a plan to stop them before they can commit anymore murders but they need the help of Joel in order to make silver bullets and a flamethrower. They embark on their mission but are followed by the town sheriff.

The band members of Fang are struggling with their growing uncertainty about their powers. They can't control the beast that lives inside them and it begins to consume their lives. Reese, Joel, and Sage make it to their first show. Reese and Joel storm the green room to attack the band but to their dismay they're not there. Sage tracks one of them down to a subway car where it lashes out and attacks the pedestrians. Reese and Joel are able to come to the rescue with the flamethrower and torch the beast.

They take a member hostage and try to extract information out of him. They're soon found by the Sheriff and Reese's mother who try to convince them to come home. The other werewolves find them and attack killing the Sheriff and taking Reese's mother hostage.

They track the band to their last show where they plan on going out in a blaze of glory. Reese, Joel, Sage, and Ghost storm the last show. The band transforms mid show and attack the crowd. Reese saves his mother and they fight the werewolves in a bloody climax. Joel is bitten while Reese kills the last werewolf. As they collect themselves Billy's ghost waves goodbye to his brother and mother.

On the drive home, Joel asks Reese to kill him with the last silver bullet. Reese takes him out to a field but can't kill his friend. He gives him the car and tells him to go find a cure, if he doesn't, he won't be far behind.

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