5220, The Time, the Place, the Badge

Creator: John Higgins
Age rating: 17 and older
The 5220 Club is the nickname for part of the GI Bill. It allowed GIs to receive $20.00 a week for 52 weeks. 5220 is also the badge number of a NYC Police officer. The number 5220 tells a story about the 5220 Club and about a Brooklyn Irish Cop family.
Synopsis: During a NY Police Graduation ceremony, a decorated cop and WWII Veteran, with the badge #5220 watches his Son Graduate and will be receiving his badge number 5220, as he is a Captain now. During the graduation, he flashes back to how the number 5220 has directed his life, starting with standing on line to collect his $20.00 a week for 52 weeks, after returning from WWII.

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