That Hollywood Hustle Webseries

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Amidst inflated thoughts of "making it happen", Max, Dale, and Travis, are met with the realities of life back home; meanwhile Jade prepares Shadei for her big performance.
Synopsis: Series: Five individuals face triumphs and set backs as they take strides towards joining the Hollywood ranks of success. Their journeys' collide amidst moments of post college at home semi-depression, stuck in dead end jobs they hate, and forced to settle for relationships they squirm in, all in an effort to keep their dreams alive. Fed up with the mundane life back home and overzealous of the amount of talent they each obtain, they decide to take the leap and go to Hollywood to fulfill their dreams. They are met with hilarious obstacles and runs in with current (non-fictional) millennial Hollywood social elites, who at times elevate their dreams, while a few give true reality checks on what lies ahead. Each episode paints a picture of the current realities of what it takes to truly get in, stay in, and make it, in the land of Hollywood dreams.

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