Gold Rush

Age rating: 13 and older
San Francisco 1855, a beautiful prostitute has to hide her treacherous affair with a Chinese prospector from her employers or suffer the consequences. Will her love of gold and power force her to betray her beloved, or are they both doomed?
Synopsis: 1855 at the peak of the Gold Rush in San Francisco. This is a place of great wealth, debauchery, violence… and opium. East meets West in the most unilkely way: a prostitiute finds her world upended when she falls in love with a Chinese prospector, who shows her what true love is.

Frances Belle, the most beautiful and exotic creature of the underworld, has everything a girl wants - attention from the powerful leader of the San Francisco Vigilante, Sir Peter Jacobs, praise from the Madame, Edith, and the jealousy of her peers. But her life is missing something which she tries to fill with gold, saving it away for something…. for what, she doesn’t know. Then she meets Hans, a handsome Chinese gold prospector, who falls for her as deeply as she falls for him.

Their union is taboo, and when Hans is arrested for murder, she puts her life on the line to save him and is swept up into a brutal world, putting not only her life in jeopardy—but her gold—everything she has worked for…

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