An Unordinary Boy

Creator: Moon Smith
Age rating: Everyone
A normal 10 year boy who believe himself that he is unordinary. the way he think through seems like he is right. His intelligent are not too special ,but his mind make him not normal. While no one believing him he is trying his best proofing them wrong with his brain power.
Synopsis: It's all start from a dream which is just a vision of the place he sleep in like he is awake but his body is sleeping. The boy did not believed what he saw and continued his day normally. At class the teacher is talking talking talking without stopping ,and like the most of the students he fall a sleep. It's happened again he was seeing the class room and all the students and the teacher keep talking about the same boring thing. One of the bullies tried to wake him up by throwing a pen of him automatically his hand moved to catch the pen and everyone saw that. They all said it was luck ,and no one believed him that he was in his conscious furthermore they called him nerd for believing of such as silly thing. When he got back to his house he went to his room immediately trying to sleep ,but he could not stop thinking about what happened in the class and could not relax himself after what they said to him. He was so despaired and went crying of his bed until he fall sleep. The boy woke up without that vision that he had before and said to himself "maybe it was just a luck like they said" and went downstairs set on the couch with his family but no one talked to him ,so he left back to his room and the surprise that he saw himself sleeping (he was walking by his astral body that was no one talked to him). Because of his happiness he woke up and got back to his body immediately. He told no one because he knew that they wont believe what he will say and kept it to himself. He used his power to got an A in all his subject just by sleeping in the exam and wake up in the last five minutes without any work ,and became a very cold heart person who care of no body but himself. Day by day his power became stronger ,and he could enter people dreams while they sleep. As strong his brain strong as weak his body is ,after 10 years of doing this process his body became so weak that he could not stay awake for more than twelve hours ,so he had to quiet the process and back to be a normal person again. In the same day he quiet it he met one of the bullies that bullied him back in days ,and he recognized him and told him the same words he said to him 10 years ago. He thought to himself that he have to do it one more time ,and he knew the risk but screw it he have to do it. He followed him to see where he will stay this night ,and when the time come he went to his astral body and entered his dream. In his dream the boy make him believe that he was the one who got bullied , and he was so despaired and the boy was the one who saved him just to make him feel save and suddenly he kidnapped him and tortured him and make it a unforgettable nightmare. When the boy finished it and went back to his body he could not move his hand or legs for 2 hours even though he was very happy because what he did.

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