Making Ends Meet

Creator: Jeff Hiester
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
An elementary teacher and his slacker best friend struggle to pay their bills. The pair hatch a plan to make fast cash selling elementary students identities. The plan unravels after the teacher falls for a single mom, then under the watchful eye of her cop ex-husband.
Synopsis: Tony Kisslen a 31 year old elementary school teacher and his lifelong friend and roommate Steve Parker share a small apartment just outside of Philadelphia. The two struggle to keep up with their bills due to Steve’s spotty work as a web designer and the high rent in the area.
Tony gives Steve an ultimatum to come up with his half of the bills or find a new place to live. The threat is halfhearted as the two have been best friends and looked after each other since the third grade.
Tony has a parent/teacher conference and hits it off with a single mom from his class, Penny Gordon. The two go out a few times and develop a good rapport. Money issues still stress Tony and things finally come to a head when Tony’s car breaks down he cannot afford the repairs and he is forced to ride the city bus, which is filled with mayhem.
Steve has a plan to help make fast cash to catch up on the bills and get the car fixed. Tony is open to anything to make money until he hears the proposal. Steve’s plan is to have Tony steal the identities of students in the school where he teaches. The plan is to sell the information to neighborhood dregs that are looking to get cable in their apartment, payday loans, etc. Tony is completely against the risky idea until he is finally fed up with the bus and with the notion of not being able to take Penny out.
Tony lifts the kids identities, Steve sells them to his people and the pair make money and catch up on past due bills. Tony is nervous all day every day that they will be caught. He reaches his pinnacle of paranoia when he receives a letter from the school office that a parent is requesting a meeting with him. The parent shows up and it happens to be Penny’s ex-husband and a state trooper. Things get even worse when the paranoid teacher spies the cop being all chummy with the principal at the school. Tony insists to his friend that the scam has to end only to have Steve continue behind Tony’s back. Everything comes to a head when a local drug dealer/petty criminal gets busted with a childs information on him that he just purchased from Steve.

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