Endorphin Man and Little Sara Tonin

Creator: Nicky Shane
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Two superheroes engage their enemies with jokes! Whoever heard of punching with your punch-lines? Comedy Martial Arts? While the villains and the FBI pursue "The Power of Laughter.” When did the chicken start crossing the road?
Synopsis: Willy Delacker, veteran stand-up comedian and his girlfriend, Sara Tillmark have been performing on the road going from town to town for decades. They love to help people by promoting laughter and health.

Willy calls himself “Endorphin Man” and Sara goes by “Little Sara Tonin.” As they are about to embark on their next series of road gigs, Willy visits the doctor and discovers he only has one year left to live. This changes everything! Now, every day Willy is living life to the fullest. Whether he is making a robber laugh so hard he drops his gun or whips up the homeless into a guffaw frenzy, Willy cannot stop.

When a video of the superheroes accidentally goes viral a worldwide following ensues. Suddenly villains of North Koreans, the Masoood, 2 guys from Detroit, 3 sharks from the Caribbean and a gang of Free Radicals are all after Willy’s "Happy" invention “The Self-Administered Neuro Transmitter Pump”. They think it ignites laughter but the truth is truly ironic. It's a joke!

Enter the FBI, they open a comedy file trying to figure out what makes comics so brilliant, so ridiculous but yet so highly praised. Has the “Power of Laughter” become too dangerous or is it their “License To Be Crazy” that makes comedy even more volatile? The history of comedy suddenly becomes a science and "Why did the chicken cross the road" has an even deeper meaning.

While in the hospital, Willy convinces his best friend comic, Ricky that he must step-in and take his place as the villains now hold a nuclear power plant hostage while a super moon is wrecking havoc on the tides! Does this all come down to the last laugh? Are comics finally going to learn how to punch with their punch lines?

Multitudes of Endorphin Men and Little Sara Tonin followers show up wearing their costumes. Amazingly the power of laughter ensues as the kinetic energy of seven billion people laughing collectively divert a chain reaction nuclear implosion. (You’ve got to see this!!)

In the end, the superheroes hand down the healing assets of laughter to the up-and-coming comedians. “The Power of Laughter” survives as this story begins and ends with a smile.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Nicky's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    People always want to know "What makes certain people funny?" This was written and created by two veteran "Road Dog" stand-up comedians who pride themselves with their unique knowledge of the science of laughter. These comedians actually care about people, the planet and the quality of life.