Creator: Ryan Manuel
Age rating: 17 and older
The story of 4 escaped convicts that stumble upon a mysterious pool of water in the dessert that brings pleasure. They recruit newcomers and form a small and peaceful community, that exists in harmony- until they disagree on what the future of the water should be.
Synopsis: BLISS is a modern crime epic with a supernatural twist that explores the nature of addiction, love, and both the heights and depths of the human spirit while delivering fast paced action, witty and humorous dialogue, and memorable characters. In the style of “Deliverance”, the four main characters in this story are different aspects of the same man on a harrowing journey.

A former heroin addict, a mute poet, an African refugee, and a Latino gang member are all inadvertently freed from prison on their way to an inter-prison art convention when their bus rolls over and they, along with the prison psychologist that organized the art convention, are the only ones left alive. After taking the psychologist hostage, they try to make it to Mexico where they have contacts that can grant them their freedom. On the way, however, they find something that will change their lives and challenge their souls, and makes escaping the police look like a day in the park.

Something like "The Beach" meets "Con Air", Bliss is an epic tale that chronicles a journey from hell to heaven and back to hell again.

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