Can You See That?

Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
A hard working father tries to teach his son life lessons while restoring a classic car in the backyard. The father is presented with a moment that he instinctively knows, were he to get it wrong, he might lose his son to the streets.
Synopsis: The basic premise was based upon my own childhood, holding a flashlight inside the engine compartment of a car so my father could see to work. Every five minutes or so, I would become distracted, the light would drift and my father would ask, with apparent sincerity; "Can you see that? Can you see that? Well, if YOU can't see it, I CAN'T see it, (expletive). I decided to set the story in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, an area known for gang violence, with the family being African American, (I am not), just to explore the high wire act it takes to raise a child in the inner city.

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  • Video 1 - Drama
    Creative Notes:
    This is simply a teaser to introduce the relationship between a father and his only son, the intricacies of raising a child in the inner city and attempting to defend against potentially negative influences the streets can offer. It's important to note; we made this film for less than $350.00