Creator: Cyril Karwa
Age rating: 13 and older
When James inherits his dead uncle's sprawling mansion, he believes his luck is about to change after a period of struggle. He however soon discovers that the house holds an extremely evil creature that seeks to devour his unborn child's soul.
Synopsis: James is a happy man. He is having a difficult period in his life when he learns that his recently deceased uncle left him a mansion in his will. He promptly moves in with his pregnant wife, hoping that this is the beginning of his fortunes changing for the better. However, his wife, Faith, starts having strange experiences in the house. James at first dismisses them as stress-related. But he also soon gets to experiences the paranormal events but it is too late for him since he is already in the middle of a battle for his unborn child's soul and his family's survival.

With the help of the house's caretaker, Ibrahim, he gets to learn that the evil presence is a jinni. It is a creature from a different dimension with supernatural powers that wants to feed on an innocent soul. James has to overcome his fears, which the jinni uses against him, to save his family and vanquish the creature.

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