Sparrow's Corner: In the Shadow of Death

Creator: Glenn Porzig
Age rating: 17 and older
Her town driven to madness, a lonely girl and a mysterious stranger must stop an ancient evil before it can spread darkness across the world.
Synopsis: JEREMY RUSSELL has been having visions of a monstrous evil that plagued the world two thousand years ago. His visions have compelled him to come to the town of Sparrow's Corner.

ASHLEY CROSS grew up in this small town. She managed to get away to go to school, but has recently been forced to return because of her father's death.
Jeremy stays in a room at the bed and breakfast that Ashley inherited. They are attracted to each other, but both have a lot on their mind.

Strange "accidents" start happening around town. Jeremy has been sneaking off into the woods and performing arcane rituals.

The once quiet town is slowly becoming possessed by some evil force. Shadow men are appearing and animals have been attacking people. Some people begin to think that it started when Jeremy arrived, maybe he is responsible.

Ashley's reality is shattered as her friends and neighbors either become possessed or fall victim to those that have been. She somehow trusts that Jeremy is here to help and agrees to help him stop what is coming.

The dark forces are intent on stopping Jeremy from completing the cleansing rituals he has been performing. He and Ashley manage to escape the shadow men, but the sky has grown dark and earthquakes are tearing the streets apart.

The evil manifests itself as a giant black tentacled creature that emerges from the ground to consume the souls of those around it. The town is going to hell, and Jeremy starts to doubt that he can stop the evil creatures. But Ashley urges Jeremy keep his faith and they stand against it together.

Jeremy finishes his last ritual and a glowing creature descends from the clouds, it's the opposite of the dark creature in the pit. They battle and the angelic being of light prevails.
The town, and the world, is safe again.

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