Atomic Time

Creator: Steve Marra
Age rating: Everyone
As six convicts tunnel their way out of a new prison, they encounter a buried and charred B-58 hustler bomber that still carries one atomic bomb in its belly. They use it to bargain their way to freedom until they discover the weapon is far more lethal than they thought.
Synopsis: 1964 Peru, Indiana

A B-58 Hustler supersonic bomber, carrying four atomic weapon pods on board, slides off an icy runway at Bunker Hill Air Force Base during a top-secret run. The Hustler bursts into flames.

Of the four weapons, three are recovered. The remaining nuke has been fused to the fuselage of the plane by the intense heat of the fire. The military quickly evaluates the situation and decides that the bomb is “inextricably consumed and harmless.”

An immediate decision is made to bury the plane in a remote spot of the 2,200-acre air base. The only official record of the buried bomber claims, “the subterranean disposal was the most expedient and safest remedy to the situation.” For decades after the accident, records were lost or forgotten.


In the midst of military cut backs, lack of usefulness of the old air base, and pressure from the newly seated Governor of Indiana, the Air Force donates a 400-acre parcel of land to the State of Indiana.

As part of his diehard anti-crime initiative, the Governor earmarks the parcel for the construction of a new, super high-tech security prison—the “Techno Condo.” The Governor is praised for his foresight and the prison becomes renown as one of the most advanced, low maintenance and tightest security institutions in the country. The key to its operation? Automated security systems that require a minimum of human guards and personnel.

Christmas 2012

On the day when half of the prison personnel take off for the holiday, six inmates have nearly completed a 960-foot escape tunnel. Their destination is to reach the end of the abandoned runway of the air base where their final escape has been planned. They get to 950 feet.

Guess what they find?

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