Every Stranger's Eyes

Creator: Mark Tapio Kines
Age rating: 13 and older
A man with the ability to enter the body of anyone he touches is recruited by a political organization to infiltrate the American government.
Synopsis: It is 1999. Billy Roonan is a Gulf War vet whose chemical poisoning in Kuwait has left him with the inexplicable ability to enter the body of any person he touches, controlling their speech and movement. During his out of body experiences, his own body falls into something like a coma, and he must return to it within 3 hours.

Working in Bakersfield with his corrupt lawyer brother John, he is approached by two members of an anti-government organization, Finley and Hendricks, who offer $200,000 for him to enter the body of the California governor and veto a landmark gun control bill.

Things go disastrously wrong when Billy's body is left alone for too long, and soon Hendricks, Finley, and Billy's brother John are racing to find the unstable Billy - in whatever body he's now occupying - before he can do something truly devastating.

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