Born to Protect

Creator: Connor Pringle
Age rating: 13 and older
Lord Sanzar continues his reign of terror as he tries to put an end to the only warrior who can kill him...The Protector.
Synopsis: A sinful Lord known as Sanzar, used to be a trusted warrior, until releasing a high-powered spell known as “The Darkening,” turning himself evil with unlimited power. Two years later...Sanzar eliminates the only warrior who can kill him...The Protector, and steals a powerful stone, hoping to use its powers to gain control over the world. However, little does Sanzar know; a new protector has been born.

Sanzar dispatches his assistant Krayzer to kill the new protector, known as Jake, a young man working at a fast-food restaurant. However, with the help of Trayzon, Jake is saved and taken over to the castle, but that doesn't stop Sanzar from getting what he wants, he dispatches Krayzer once again with an army of black knights. They attack the castle, in search for Jake. Krayzer attempts to kill Jake, but with the help of Jake’s powers, Krayzer is defeated, once again. Jake runs away, refusing to become the new protector, but it all changes when he learns what powers he really has inside of him by Kyra, the queen’s daughter and Trayzon’s girlfriend. Krya is chosen to train Jake, but Jake begins to fall in love with her.

After another failed attempt to kill Jake, while being trained, Sanzar makes a powerful potion, which no one can resist. He uses it on Kyra, to kill Jake, but fails...again. When the last day of training arrives, Jake finally builds up the courage to ask Kyra out, behind Trayzon’s back. Kyra agrees. That night, while Jake and Kyra are on their date, Trayzon spots them. Furious, Trayzon tries to kill Jake, but is overpowered and ends up breaking up with Kyra.

Destined to win Kyra’s heart back, Trayzon rides off to try to stop Sanzar, but ends up getting kidnaped. Sanzar gives Trayzon credit for trying to stop him with the protector being dead (thinking Kyra killed Jake,) but Trayzon mentions he’s not dead. Troubled, Sanzar realizes the only thing that can kill Jake is Sanzar himself, but he can’t with the everyone protecting him, so Sanzar kidnaps the queen and orders Jake to battle him alone, or he’ll never see the queen again.

With the help of Trayzon, Jake makes his way to the temple for the final battle. Jake and Sanzar fight. However, a surprise comes in, when Jake is really inside the temple rescuing the queen. Meanwhile...outside Sanzar is about to kill Jake, when the real Jake makes an appearance. It turns out the other Jake was Trayzon, morphed into Jake. Warriors appear, and the final battle begins. Trayzon and Kyra defeat Krayzer, while Jake defeats Sanzar, declaring victory.

After the final battle, Trayzon relieves any anger and jealousy towards Jake, by giving him Kyra, after seeing how happy she was on the date.

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