13 48 - The Black Death

Age rating: Everyone
A sleepy village does not see the black peril that drifts in amongst them. Rowan, a local doctor & alchemist fights the Church to save them all. The potion to save his Sarah is destroyed. With blood offerings from the Church, Rowan lives until Sarah is reborn, in our time
Synopsis: The script is brutal in its visual force as the Black Plague finally reaches the sleeping shores of England, briefly touching on historical details to bring the audience to the "wisdom" of the alchemist" and the love between him and his beautiful Sarah, whose father, the local cardinal wishes Rowan and his works to be banned as heretical and and that he be burned at the stake.

It is the wisdom of the young adopted daughter Lily. Unknown to Rowan, she is the daughter of Adam's first wife, Lilith herself....an immortal - Lily is found and traded in a marketplace in Alexandria where Rowan was travelling and collecting "lost" ancient manuscripts to fill his huge library and laboratory back in England.

The Cardinal's blinding anger stops Rowan from giving a dying Sarah the cure that will heal her. In his terrifying anguish Rowan lashes out, and so begins the story of how Rowan survives through the ages on the red blood offerings of the Church itself, while he waits for his love Sarah to be reborn.

To meet again, in the new world, in our time.

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