"A Day of Giving" in your community or a community in need. SHOW YOUR HEART!!

Age rating: Everyone
It tells how anyone with a 'HEART' can make a difference in people's lives in their community or a community in need. Christine's testimony shows how a person can fall and fail, but can triumph and become a champion through faith. This is a non-fiction book.
Synopsis: The story is about Christine Rankins who is a nurse, but formerly a Radio and Electronics' Lead Mechanic at United Airlines serving in her purposes in life through helping the needy, poor, less fortunate, geriatrics/elderly and sick. She accomplished it by raising funds, donations, food, clothes, hygiene products and the Gospel with the help of volunteers. She established "A Day of Giving," which was at homeless shelters, nursing home visits and food pantry and they became part of Bethel Family Worship Center in Indianapolis, IN to continue in these causes.

Christine is a nurse, author and founder of a non-profit organization. These manifestations are the result of Christine always serving faithfully, diligently and doing whatever God calls her to do. Christine always ''SHOW HER HEART'' and get others to do the same.

There are suggestions and ideas for other to do, but she will accomplish as many as possible in late May or early June 2011. This is her next assignment on this huge level and she is up to the task and get as many involved as possible. She will call it "A Day of Giving" in Humboldt Park, which is in her community. It should consist of everything that will help people very much in need and it will be done with God, her faith because trusts God. Many people are ready to help as well as businesses in the area. She is blessed.

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