His Master's Voice

Creator: Erick Alwora
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
It is a matter of life and death, survival for the fittest and a race against time as a powerful politician is and his family trapped in the killing fields of an on going genocide try to make their way home alive.
Synopsis: HIS MASTER’S VOICE by Erick Alwora
January 2008. The Republic of Kenya is in Political turmoil after a flawed election. City streets are rocked by violent protests and the Police respond with deadly force. A bloody civil war rages pitting tribe against tribe.

JOHN WAZIRI, a powerful Cabinet Minister a.k.a His Master’s Voice, calls an International press conference to deny the genocide as his arrogant wife MIRIA is pampered at a Beauty Parlor. Their spoiled children, a son JUNIOR and daughter MICHELE, are students at an exclusive French School. Assigned a bodyguard and armed security at their fortified residence, the family is insulated from the chaos.

En route to a vacation their private plane crashes in the jungle. The PILOT is killed. The family is rescued by their bodyguard SILVESTER. The Plane is reduced to a shell. Waziri is without his briefcase containing his money, identification and medication for his diabetes. A rescue helicopter fails spot the family.

Fleeing from the MARIJUANA BANDITS, guards at cannabis plantation near their crash site, their bodyguard is killed. The family escape in a canoe across a crocodile infested river that almost claims Miria’s life.

They trek incognito through the ‘killing fields’ and witness and live the sights, smells and atrocities of the civil war. Their lifeline becomes a lone hut with a starving grandmother. Waziri has to bury rotting corpses as Miria performs menial chores to put food on the table.

On the highway, they meet a severely injured mother from the enemy tribe. She leaves Miria her infant daughter and six year old son before she succumbs to her injuries.

They soon run into a brutal militia group led by THE BOSS. They have erected road blocks to flush out and kill members of the ‘enemy’ tribe. The militia also runs a refugee camp. As their tribesman, John Waziri is forced to swear an oath to kill the enemy.

At the camp, the oath is put to test. The Boss discovers that the six year old boy is not Waziri’s son but from the enemy tribe. He assembles the entire camp and orders Waziri to execute the boy.
In a tense stand off, a defiant Waziri offers his own life in exchange. As the Boss corks the gun, Waziri starts to sing the Kenya National anthem. He is joined by all the other refugees. The entire camp rebels against the Boss and his militia.

Humbled, the Boss reveals that he too is a victim of the chaos. He shows them horrific burn scars sustained when a church he had taken shelter was set ablaze. He and his soldiers leave the camp in a huff.
In an act of atonement, The Boss sends back a stolen bus to return the refugees to the city to escape the advancing warriors.

On the road to safety the bus faces various escalating road blocks each increasing in scale. These are manned by menacing mobs baying for their blood.

Meanwhile, inside the bus there is corresponding conflict as various factional allegiances blame each other for the political turmoil. There are bare knuckle fist cuffs, with a now disheveled and barefooted Miria as one of the combatants.

In what can be best described as a miracle, the disintegrating bus gets them to the city with a bare footed and unrecognizable John Waziri in the driver’s seat.

The story is a family’s journey from a life of luxury to that of destitution, self discovery, humility and final redemption. Humbled by their experience, the once obnoxious family opens up their mansion, and their hearts to others.

The story, a work of fiction is inspired by actual people and events that left more than 1500 Kenyans dead and displaced millions most of whom are still refugees in their own country.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Erick's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Inspired by actual events, the premise of my story is that one does not know the misery of civil war untill they have walked in the path of its casualties. It is a tribute to innocent Kenyans who perished or got maimed in this senseless 2007-2008 war.

    In my original angry version, John Waziri and his family were villans. This version depicts the family's transformation and ultimate redemption.