Algiers Point

Creator: Pa Co
Age rating: 17 and older
A shipwreck at Algiers Point in New Orleans dumps enough black market plutonium into the Mississippi River during a hurricane to kill every person on earth... and nobody knows but six people on a tugboat.

Synopsis: Algiers Point
WGAe #109486-00


The world is a dangerous place and a group of women from around the globe are determined to change things.

Initially, their plan is to set off a dirty bomb with plutonium inside a New Orleans hotel where an International Symposium on Nuclear Physics takes place. But when a hurricane changes course and comes straight up the Mississippi River to the city, their plan takes a turn for the worse.

Three local Cajuns on a tugboat get pulled into the women's scheme after a shipwreck dumps the plutonium into the river during the hurricane.

From then, it's a struggle between the good, the bad, and the undecided on a hurricane tossed river.

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