The Love of Enus Tommey

Creator: Bernie Wilson
Age rating: 13 and older
During the Civil War...Enus Tommey...a slave...travels for 7 years, through 8 states, to find his master to give him a silver wedding chalace...a family treasure. Why...? Because his master Major Tommey, when a young boy, saved Enus' life from a another slave owner.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: When Enus was slave, a young boy, Major Tommey, saw Enus being badly beaten by his current owner. Major Tommey, who was celebrating his 10th birthday on this faithful day, asked his father to buy save the man's his birthday gift.

The father agrees...and buys Enus from the evil slave master. Enus goes home with the Tommey's.

Enus becomes the Tommey's house servant...and he and Major Tommey become very close, actually gaining a trust for each other and growing in their friendship.

Years later, during Civil War, and the soon fall of Atlanta, Major Tommey, a Confederate officer, has Enus evacuate the plantation of Tommeyville...with all of the Tommey's family treasures. Enus takes off with a wagon load of goods...and begins his 7 year adventure looking for his master who disappears into the mist of war.

This is Enus' story. And this story is revealed to the wife of Major Tommey's Great Great Grandson, and his wife, when they move into the age old Tommeyville mansion. It's Debbie, that discovers a old chest taht had been hidden behind a dummy wall for decades. While Debbie is going through the chest...she finds letters and photos of Enus and Major Tommey...and as she reads the letters...she imagines the story of Enus based on these letters...letters from people wh Enus met during his travels through eight southern states.

The gist of the story is this...could a slave love his master so much, that he is willing to continue search for his master's deliver the family treasures. matter what.

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