Demon God

Creator: Sean Klisiewecz
Age rating: 17 and older
A disillusioned detective struggles to uncover the sinister secret behind a mysterious cult and embarks on a journey of apocalyptic revelation and personal salvation.
Synopsis: The seemingly tranquil facade of rural America is perturbed by a series of gruesome and violent events. Meadows of Dan, VA- out in the hinterlands where the running water meets the dawn and the fireflies twinkle in the twilight conceals an Apocalyptic Cult whose doomsday musings may be more than just musings. Seneca, a hard-boiled cop with a philosophical bent uncovers the Cult's seemingly sinister intentions. The action at first revolves around a mysterious artifact, a bone that predates life on earth by millions of years. The bone has fallen into the possession of Seneca's brother Bill, and the Cult will stop at nothing to retrieve it. With the help of his eccentric brother Jerry, a part business owner, Ukulele playing, alcoholic Preacher, Seneca attempts to thwart the evil machinations of the invisible forces allied against them and protect his brother Bill, and his brother's family from harm. Meanwhile, Bill's young daughter Sophie plays with her seemingly imaginary friend Tiara. Tiara teaches Sybil to harness a deep and mysterious power that resides within her, but towards what ends remains a mystery. After numerous confrontations with the Cult an event of earth shattering consequences occurs. The world is thrust into a horrifying future where seemingly bad characters become good and unlikely allies unite to battle the horrifying forces of the Demon God.

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