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Creator: Jay Stamatis
Age rating: Everyone
An adventurer uses a scroll to travel back in time to validate the Resurrection of Christ, but drastic memory loss may stop him from bringing back hope to an evil world that desperately needs it.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: If we could travel back in time, what are we obligated to do? This question assails Peter today as he lost his faith many years ago when he left the seminary to study anthropology. He met Alex, the anthropology professor, who exposed him to the secret of time travel.

It all began when Alex retrieved a secret scroll from the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1948. Years later this parchment serves as a map guiding Alex and his protégé, Peter, to the pyramids in Mexico where they find the key scroll; which holds the secret to time travel.
During this journey Nick, an agent from the global council, provides funding for Alex’s research but is secretly planning to usurp the scroll’s discovery when it occurs.

Nick suspects the discovery and finally closes in on Alex many years later. Alex could never get the scroll to work, and in a desperate move he turns over the scroll to Peter and assigns him the mission of traveling back in time to retrieve all the Dead Sea scrolls. Never knowing the secret of the scroll till now, Peter is very skeptical that the scroll has any power within it.

After deep research Peter finally uncovers the missing piece to time travel, the prism.
He finally attempts Alex's time travel mission but fails, ending up in another time and disrupting history. He realizes time travel destinations are triggered by intense inner passion. He unlocks his own destiny and gives birth to a new mission as he discovers the scroll was left behind for us, as a gift to mankind. The light has been broken and Peter must restore it.

In the final moments he is compelled to travel back to witness the actual Resurrection of Christ and fulfill his destiny; however he loses more memory with each time travel. Can he Scroll back and bring back the sacred memory, or will the council acquire the scroll first and alter time, hiding the secret forever? Only scrolling back will tell.

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  • Script 1 - Jay's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This script has been a long time in the making. Originally started as a book. The original idea was spawned in the early Nineties, I have held this story long and dear to my cerebral bosom. The concept; deliver a better time travel story. Time travel used for the most significant of reasons, not petty involvement or greedy pursuits, so this is what any of us should strive to do with time travel...