"Little Jimmy"

Creator: Thomas M Sylla
Age rating: Everyone
A thirty-five-year-old man looks exactly like he’s eleven years old because of a hormone deficiency. He is enlisted by the FBI to go undercover and help catch a dangerous, elusive thief.
Synopsis: In a peaceful suburban neighborhood, armed FBI agents led by sour-faced DOUGLAS surround an apartment building. A YOUNG BOY pops over the back fence on his bike and leads the agents on a wild chase before they finally corner him. Douglas is delighted to have finally captured his longtime nemesis JIMMY RIPLEY. The eleven-year-old is handcuffed and taken away.
Back at the FBI office, clumsy, warm-hearted agent TOWNSEND wonders why Douglas is treating the boy so harshly. Douglas reveals that Jimmy isn't a boy at all, but an adult with a severe hormone deficiency that makes him look very young. Worse, Jimmy is a diabolical computer thief whom the feds have been after for years. Douglas threatens to send Jimmy to prison...a fate worse than death in Jimmy's eyes.
Feeling sorry for the "child," Townsend offers to take Jimmy under his wing and reform him by giving him a job to do. Townsend is in the middle of a case involving a wealthy smuggler named UNDERWOOD and has been unable to gain access to Underwood's massive estate, where Townsend suspects Underwood keeps his stolen merchandise. Jimmy may be able to help by going undercover into the school where the smuggler's daughter GRACE attends classes. Faced with the prospect of jail time, Jimmy reluctantly agrees.
Townsend brings Jimmy home and will play the part of Jimmy's father in the undercover operation. Jimmy learns that Townsend always wanted a child of his own. Jimmy becomes annoyed at the way Townsend continues to treat him like a boy.
Jimmy starts attending class with Grace and immediately faces schoolyard bully BOBBY and his gang of toughs. Bobby roughs him up and warns him to stay away from Grace. Jimmy is befriended by classroom geek HAROLD, who also has a crush on Grace. For her own part, Grace won't have anything to do with Jimmy. He's got his work cut out for him.
After school, Jimmy is with Townsend when they become involved in a hostage situation and Jimmy ends up saving Townsend's life. A grateful Townsend offers to buy Jimmy an ice cream cone.
Using clever tricks to get Grace's attention, Jimmy finally breaks the ice with her and is invited to study with her after school. He also arranges to participate in the school production of "Peter Pan" in which Grace has the role of Wendy. Jimmy rides in Grace's limo to her mansion and meets her father John Underwood and his sinister associate WAXMAN. Underwood is suspicious of Jimmy, and forbids Grace from bringing him home again.
Jimmy manages to get inside Underwood's secret warehouse but comes up empty-handed and gets caught snooping by Waxman. He manages to escape and put Waxman out of commission. Grace decides to run away from her unloving father but Jimmy talks her out of it.
On the opening night of the school play, Jimmy and Grace are on stage when Jimmy discovers the one clue he needs to close the case. Suddenly the theater goes nuts: fire sprinklers spray everyone courtesy of jealous Harold, Townsend is grappling with Underwood's henchman outside, and Underwood finds out Jimmy's true identity. Underwood takes out a gun and comes after Jimmy on the stage. Jimmy has only his wooden prop sword and acerbic wit for protection.

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