No Contest

Creator: Erick Alwora
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
One has the looks, is flat broke with a career situation that is rather grave.The other has the cars, threads, cash and a bloated ego. Can they compete for a summer bunny from the U.S of A. or is this a “No Contest”?
Synopsis: “NO CONTEST” A Movie Script.
At a bus stop on the streets of Nairobi Kenya, BRUCE SIBUOR (B.S) a hunk in his twenties spots NYOKABI MUMBI a ravishing twenty something UCLA student, just arrived from U.S.A. Three street con artists pounce. Bruce leaps to the rescue. As he ushers her onto the bus, his former schoolmate turned arch-rival. NICK KIMANI a.k.a Moneybags driving red Alfa-Romeo sports offers them a ride. Bruce declines.

On the bus sparks fly. Nyokabi is in Kenya to surprise her mother who turns 50. They live in Mwitu Estate Karen. Bruce tells her that he is an Executive with the City of Nairobi. They talk literature and poetry. Before they part, she scribbles her phone number on a paper. A day dreaming Bruce loses it almost immediately. A dejected, Bruce enters a locker room, clocks in, takes off his suit and changes into dirty overalls and torn boots.

At home Nyokabi can not stop talking about Bruce and not the African American fiancée. Her mother MAMA NYOKABI does not share the excitement. Bruce does not call.

Bruce decides to go knock on every gate at the up market Mwitu Estate Karen in search of Nyokabi. He is arrested and released after spending a night in the cell. Meanwhile Nyokabi goes to City Hall in search of Bruce. Nobody knows him there. On her way out she spots Nick Kimani and his Alfa Romeo. He agrees to take her to Bruce. The drive through town gives Nick the ideal opportunity to flaunt his wealth.

When Nyokabi discovers that Bruce is not who he says he is, she calls Nick who is determined to get the girl and deliver some payback for something that happened in High School. Bruce is not going down without a fight. Nick dismisses the rivalry for Nyokabi with Bruce a “No Contest”

Nyokabi soon discovers that Nick is a mean spirited arrogant brat. The lure of his wealth is too much for Nyokabi to resist. All is well until Nyokabi, is confronted by Nick's mother.
MAMA MANO an obnoxious uncouth potential monster in law sends Nyokabi fleeing from Nick’s apartment into the rain. Nyokabi has had it with men.

On their way to the airport and en route to the Masai Mara, Nyokabi and her mother are carjacked. The mother is shot and slides into a coma. Both Nick and Bruce see the news item on the TV. Bruce keeps vigil at her comatose mother’s bed side. He reads to her, talks and encourages her to fight. He takes this opportunity to tell his life story. While Nick who is on an overseas business trip has expensive bouquets of flowers delivered.

Mama Nyokabi wakes up from her coma and requests a reluctant and hostile Nyokabi to take an equally reluctant Bruce in her place for the Masai Mara vacation.

Back from the overseas trip Nick pursues the duo to the Mara. Armed with an engagement ring and his fat wallet, he is determined to pull all stops to get Nyokabi. Furthermore, unbeknown to the two, The Lodge where the two are staying is owned by Nick Kimani’s family.

For this contest, Nick has home court advantage.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Erick's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Beatles sang and asked the question "Can Money buy me love?" Can a handsome guy with a dead end job compete with a rich guy's fat wallet? For this version I tweaked Nick Kimani's character making him a bit more unlikable unlike the version I submitted to StoryPros screenwriting contest. A feel good project after the gut wrenching "His Master's Voice"