Cerberus Island

Age rating: 13 and older
Hell is not hot. Hell is cold, and its name is Cerberus Island.
Society has got tired of bleeding hearts, of pampering to criminals with comfortable prisons, rights, TV, and lawyers who make fortunes out of appeals. So, society demanded, and got, Cerberus Island.
Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future. An Arctic gulag. Hell on Earth, where the dregs of society are left and nobody cares if they live or die. Escape is not an option, because there’s no where to go.
Out of the freezing fog comes the prison ship, and on it a rebel by the name of John Smith, a man to whom the sign over the gate that says “Abandon Hope” is just another challenge.

Before the night is out, Smith has confronted the Headman, Jakal, witnessed an execution, and met Plato, the mild-mannered schoolmaster with a penchant for murdering young girls. And then there’s Preacher, the name tells all, but not that he sacrificed virgins on the altar to his unknown god. And the Doctor, a Colonel Sanders look-alike with the compassion of Mengele on a bad day, and Big Willie who liked to squeeze.

And then there’s Violet, the beautiful shemale who tells Smith to meet her, later, and he does, and that starts to complicate things.
Cerberus seems a dumping ground for society's murderous psychopaths, but then nothing is quite what is seems, because horror stalks, and the impossible is everywhere.

And what about the desiccated corpses, the three-toed footprints in the snow, and what is it that lurks far beneath in those ancient caverns out at Edge of Land where the dead are left? And what does the black box with the inscribed silver tablets mean?

In the long Arctic night, death stalks the inmates of the gulag, picking them off until Smith provides the ultimate explosive solution - or does he?

Cerberus Island is also a place where you can find love, however unexpected.

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