Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
An ensemble cast of reality game show contestants are stalked by mutated beasts while a tropical storm blows over the island they have been deserted on. Based on the best-selling novel by Brian Keene.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: They came to the lush island to compete on a popular reality television show, each one of them hoping to be the last to leave, hoping to win the million-dollar prize.

Now they're just hoping to survive.

The men will be slaughtered.

The women will be kept alive as captives.

Night is falling.

The creatures are coming.

Screenwriter's statement:

It will not look like a music video. There will be no shaky handheld camerawork that resembles throw-up rides. Castaways will be a throw-back to the classic ‘70s and ‘80s moody style. Many of the shots will be low, from the monsters eye-level, while the space and height of the jungles will be utilized as well.
Unlike most zombie movies where the audience is given a shot or two to see the gore, Castaways will linger allowing to viewer to see the carnage on a whole new level.
The monsters themselves, The Cryptdids, will reach a new plane of creepy; five feet tall, a step in evolution caught in between ape and man. Inbred and mutated from dwindling numbers, procreation is their number one thought.
Castaways will be funny. People will enjoy watching their favorite characters banter. And then they cringe as hearts and livers are pulled out of twitching bodies. Like An American Werewolf in London before it, Castaways promises to be a blend of humor, old school horror and new school gore.

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