The Brother's Carbone

Creator: Ed Wode
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
The story centers on two large families of seven children each headed by Italian emigrant brothers Tony and Carmen Carbone. It examines the sharply contrasting values of the two families and how the upbringing effects the successes, failures and attitudes of the children.

A dramatic feature film synopsis

"THE BROTHERS CARBONE" is a feature film concept based upon two families, one of which is headed by a self-made real estate millionaire and the other by a middle class restaurateur. The heads of the two families are brothers. The story centers on Tony and Carmen Carbone and their families that contain seven children each. It illustrates the contrast of the millionaire's children who are unsuccessful in their life in spite of every advantage and why the opposite is true of the modestly affluent restaurateur whose children are very successful. It examines the upbringing and values of the two families and how the successes and failures of the children are indebted to these contrasting experiences.

The central plot begins with Angelica, a T.V. actor and daughter of restaurateur Carmen Carbone, leaving the set of her soap gig to have lunch with her fellow soap actor and boyfriend, Jerry Marshall. At lunch they run into a friend of her boyfriends who tells them of a rumor concerning a new client of her brother Joe, an entertainment attorney. The client has a manager with notoriously dangerous mob connections. He also used to be employed by their estranged Uncle Tony. The client is a budding rock star who wants her brother Joe to help him get out of his contract with this dishonest and disreputable manager by suing him for breach of contract. Angelica, after hearing this rumor, is afraid for her brother and knows her father will be upset if he hears Joe has taken on this unsavorily connected client. She also is appalled by the manager's connection to their despised Uncle Tony. Many years before, Uncle Tony and her father had been business partners, but had had a falling out and parted company. The two ‘Brother’s Carbone’ had not spoken since. She tries to warn Joe of the rumors, but by the time Joe is reached, it is too late to intervene, since he has already contracted to represent the rock star. When Angelica finally speaks with her brother, Joe tells her not to worry since he is only representing the rock star in a lawsuit against his manager and lawyers don't have to worry about strong-arm connections. The rest of the story proves the exception to this rule, if it is a rule.

There are colorful Sunday brunches at each of the two family's residences every Sunday at which the follies and foibles of the members of both large families are exposed. In the case of the Tony Carbone family one is left with the impression of a family of freeloaders and scoundrels representing the worst of human values and in the case of the Carmen Carbone family one is left with the impression of a fine intelligent educated family committed to a very high standard of conduct.

There are flashbacks to Tony and Carmen's time of life when they were in business together. It is seen why the two of them could not get along, as Carmen followed the parents advice to always be on the up and up, while Tony changed the rules as it suited him, in order to enrich himself.

Revolving around this core story of Joe’s lawsuit and the mob caused problems connected with it, there are vignettes about various children of the two families. These subplots are intended to turn these characters into three-dimensional characters, as opposed to being mere decoration. This adds a moral dimension to the whole story.

Joe continues to represent the aforementioned rock star. Angelica's premonitions of trouble with the gang-connected manager begin to come true. There are Italian mob style threats, starting with a dead duck found on Joe's office desk. The spoiled children of the Tony Carbone clan begin to get into serious trouble one after the other. Joe’s false sense of security about an attorney’s immunity to mob violence ends, when he lands in the hospital in a coma, after an attempt on his life.

This cloud has a silver lining, however, because it results in the reconciliation of the two brothers after Tony, remorseful about his own children, offers to help his brother Carmen cope with the mobsters that are trying to harm Carmen’s son Joe.


Copyright Pau 2-422-714
Written by:
Ed Wode

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  • Script 2 - Ed's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The story line is essentially the same as in the previous version. Two families headed by brothers are contrasted to show how contrasting values of the parents result in much different attitudes and life choices by the offspring of the two families. There is much tweaking of the dialogue with an emphasis on improving the entertainment value and lightening the dialogue.
  • Script 1 - Ed's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is an exciting tale about how the seven children of a shady millionaire father who have all the material advantages are able to fair in comparison to the seven children of the brother who has more modest means, but outstanding morals. Most of the the family that has been brought up to value working smart instead of hard come to a bad end, whereas the hard work pays off for the other family