Age rating: 13 and older
The story of a U.S. Diplomatic Security Officer who redeems his past by obsessively investigating a vicious murder even as the African backwater where he’s stationed explodes in revolution.

"Malabo" is a winner of the annual UCLA Screenwriting Competition.
Synopsis: I’m a graduate of the UCLA Screenwriting Program where “Malabo” won the annual UCLA Screenwriting Competition. “Malabo” has also won awards in the Writer’s Digest, Fade In, AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship and Writers’ Network screenplay competitions.


Joseph Roebling, a U.S. Diplomatic Security Officer (the police for U.S. diplomatic missions abroad), arrives in the tropical African backwater of Equatorial Guinea to investigate a vicious murder. Roebling was once the best DSO in the service. Now, because of a traumatic event that happened the last time he was in country, Roebling is a shattered man who deadens the pain of his past with alcohol.

Due to the volatile political situation in Equatorial Guinea, the U.S. mission will close in a just few short days. Since Roebling will need to depart with them, the time for investigation is severely limited. The local police capture a suspect. It appears to be a simple case of a robbery gone wrong. Roebling’s lack of faith in his own investigative skill leads him to go along with this version of the story. As he goes through the motions of wrapping up the investigation, Roebling’s prior investigative expertise begins to shine through.

Based on the evidence he gathers, Roebling no longer believes this is an open and shut case. He comes to realize that solving this case is his last chance at self-redemption and gives it everything he’s got. The deeper he digs, the harder it becomes to determine what is the truth. Almost everyone is a potential suspect. As his search brings him nearer to discovering the killer’s identity, the country’s political situation boils over and explodes in violent revolution. The mission must evacuate, but Roebling is now obsessed and stays behind to find the truth. Putting the final pieces of the puzzle together, Roebling confronts the killer in a climactic showdown.

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