Creator: Adam Pachter
Age rating: 13 and older
In a future where the rich spend fortunes to hibernate their bodies through deadly winters, a working-class caretaker must stop a plot to make sure no one wakes up in the spring.
Synopsis: Hiber takes place in Washington, D.C., 100 years from now. Climate change has produced deadly winters that engulf cities for months, so the rich pay millions to hibernate their bodies in the Washington Monument while working-class caretakers guard their homes and the rest of the population tries to survive until spring.

Nick Plant is a 21-year-old caretaker on his first assignment for the wealthy Chafrey family. Forced to step up after his father Ed is crippled by looters in the movie's opening scene, Nick loves Anna Chafrey and hopes to prove himself to her father Everett. The story begins in September with the televised announcement that winter is coming earlier than ever, and the military, lead by General Octavius Specter, have initiated Hiber. While the Chafreys prepare, Nick seeks last minute advice from Ed, who is now confined to his wheelchair at a retirement home.

The next morning all eligible families gather at the Monument. While soldiers under Specter’s command keep angry mobs at bay, the Chafreys are greeted by their personal physician, Vernon Greenland, who puts them to sleep in their Hiber pods. Nick also gets fitted with a collar programmed to strangle him if not deactivated by Everett before April 5. With a storm approaching, Nick visits his mother’s grave and encounters her sister Eve, who convinces him to come back to the bar she owns. There Nick has a run in with his cousin Tom, who accuses Nick of siding with the Chafreys over his own family.

After leaving the bar, Nick prepares the Chafrey home for winter. The storm arrives and time lapses reveal a buried world, with snow ten feet high and only military hovercraft allowed on the streets. Then, on March 31, Nick receives a call from General Specter. Something is wrong with Hiber – the pods are releasing certain people early, including Anna’s mother Constance, with deadly results.

Nick is brought by military hovercraft to the Monument, and General Specter asks him to find the Creator of the hibernation process, a former friend of Ed’s who hasn’t been seen for years. Nick agrees, but only on condition that Anna is brought out of Hiber early; Everett has suffered a severe allergic reaction and can’t be safely removed. Nick and Anna travel to Ed’s retirement home, where they discover he’s near death, attacked by his own landlord. Before dying, Ed tells them a riddle about the Creator’s location.

Nick and Anna are then assaulted by Tom and a gang of rebels who want the Creator to help them destroy Hiber once and for all. Rescued by Specter, Nick figures out the riddle and is dropped by hovercraft on the roof of the National Cathedral. Descending to the crypts, he and Anna find the Creator, “Ching” Anderson, who is still bitter that the government has restricted his Hiber technology to the wealthy. Ching insists the Hiber pods are working as designed and refuses to return to the Monument, but Specter and another soldier appear and force him along. En route their hovercraft comes under fire and crashes into the Smithsonian, where Ching dies and a pitched battle between rebels and the military ensues.

Nick and Anna make their way to the Monument, where Nick tells Vernon that the Hiber failures are part of a military coup. Then Vernon kills Everett and reveals that Hiber doctors are the real culprits. Specter, who has survived the Smithsonian battle, helps overcome Vernon, but with Everett’s death, no one knows the code to disable Nick’s collar, and time is running out.

Though rebels have now surrounded the Monument, Specter manages to escape on a snowmobile with Nick and Anna. Shot during a gun battle, Specter still gets them near the Chafrey home before dying. Nick and Anna search the house but can’t find the code, and at midnight the collar chokes Nick and he collapses. Anna finally figures out the code and revives him. In the final scene, set after spring has returned, the US President announces the permanent termination of Hiber, and Nick and Anna welcome Eve to live with them in the Chafrey home.

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