The Bright Road

Creator: Roger L Alderman
Age rating: 13 and older
This is the story of a young man who dies and is forced to explore purgatory better know amongst the dead as "The Shadow". Jesse finds himself on the heroes journey surrounded by a world he does not understand and followed for some reason by forces he does not know.
Synopsis: Jesse is a young boy who is stuck deathly ill and passes away as his father and mother watch and weep. Jesse awakens in the "Shadow" (purgatory). He meets a young girl Sarah whom just like him is very lost. Sarah and Jesse flee the hospital in which he died pursued by Phantoms (the hopeless dead whom feast on newly arrived souls). Jesse is resistant to the heroes journey in which destiny has placed him. Protected by family from family and the wicked things of the shadow Jesse fights against all odds in hopes of becoming what he was intended to be.

This story features many controversial issues about death and the dying as well and a slanted perspective of the here after. Read at your own risk this is a PG-13 project.

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