Air Rage

Creator: Vance Duplechin
Age rating: 13 and older
In an effort to strike into the heart of America a group of terrorists take over a 787. They didn't count on Sterling, a flight attendant with an interesting skill set, and a group of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters heading to a tournament.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Sterling is a Flight attendant for Transworld Airlines with an interesting past. He is always looking and checking and everything going on around him. As a member of the Special Operations Force in the Army, he has an interesting skill set.

Kahlid is a Muslim living in New Jersey with a grudge against America. His is a personal vendetta. Today marks the two year anniversary of his brother's murder in Las Vegas. He has planned his attack since that day. While he expected a fight, he never expected Sterling and the group of Mixed Martial Arts fighters on board.

Aaron, an undercover agent for National Security, is following a trail of bread crumbs to see if he can figure out what Kahlid and his brothers are up to. As he is getting close, the plan is put into motion and now he is out of time.

Sterling is the lead flight attendant on board. There are seven other flight attendants on board working with him. Also on board are a small group of MMA fighters heading to Las Vegas to fight in a huge tournament. A few of them make their presence know. Sterling has to calm a couple of them down.

In flight, the first officer, Rasheed, who is armed, murders the captain and has total control of the aircraft. Rasheed pulls out three more small handguns and opens the flight deck door and hands them off to Kahlid. Inside the cabin, twelve members of the Kahlid brotherhood take over the plane.

It's total chaos as the terrorists move through the cabin methodically. A couple of the MMA fighters on board try to fight back, but they have no defense against a bullet. One of the flight attendants is also murdered during the attack. Sterling and Bruno, one of the MMA fighters, take a terrorist into the lav and extract some information from him. Bruno quickly snaps the terrorist's neck and drop him on the floor. Sterling joins the others being moved to the rear of the aircraft.

Aaron shows up at the airport where he contacts the flight only to find that it may be operating normally. Aaron hops onto a military transport to chase down the aircraft.

Brady advises the President about the possible situation. When they order the aircraft to land, Rasheed and Kahlid tell them No. The President orders two F-15's to follow the aircraft.

Sterling tries to lull the terrorists into a sense of comfort by keeping all of the passengers calm. The fighters work their way to the back galley with Sterling to see if there was more of a plan.

Sterling is unlatching a small panel in the floor of the back galley. He tells the fighters to be ready. He is going to crawl through the belly of the aircraft to the avionics bay where he'll be able to contact the ground.

One of the passengers notices the two F-15's outside and has a sense of relief. That is until Sterling explains that there are no rescue scenario's at forty thousand feet. Unless something is done, the F-15's will shoot them down. Right before he drops into the belly of the airplane, he tells Chuck Liddel, "Be ready."

Chuck and the other fighters move through the crowed area of passengers with trays of water as if they are following the terrorists orders.

Brady, The President, and the staff are discussion options. The President gets on the radio and talks to Kahlid about the situation. After their conversation, the staff is telling the President to shoot down the aircraft. As he is considering this idea, a call comes in from Sterling.

Sterling convinces the President to give them until Lake Mead. If he hasn't heard from him by then, give the order. During the call, Brady pulls up the file on Sterling and finds out that he was once in Special Operations for the Army and chose to become a flight attendant to be with his family. There is a skill set there that give him a fighting chance. the President glances over the file as he talks and agrees to give Sterling another twenty minutes to retake the airplane.

With no time to crawl back to the galley, Sterling makes a Public Address, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

The fighters burst into action. Sterling jumps up through a hatch in the forward galley as Bruno breaks out of the lav that he had been sitting in. It's an all out melee. The terrorists and fighters are in a fight for their lives.

The President orders the F-15's to fire a couple of warning shots at the aircraft forcing it into a dive. Rasheed has to fight to level the airplane off again. There are alarm bells ringing through the cock pit.

Kahlid works his way forward while taking a couple of shots at the guys. He is standing by the forward door as Sterling and a few of the fighters make their way up into first class. A couple of the fighters are lost in the fight as are many of the terrorists. Sterling finds a hand gun and gives it to Chuck. Sterling then jumps out into the aisle drawing Kahlid's fire. Chuck shoot at Kahlid and hits him in the shoulder. Kahlid loses the weapon.

Sterling makes a move for the weapon. He and Kahlid fight for the gun. The gun goes off and takes out the window of the forward door. Seconds later Kahlid is sucked out of the door. Sterling makes a desperate grab for a hand hold in the galley. Bruno and Chuck make a body chain and pull Sterling down.

Rasheed has to fight with the plane again as they have depressurized. Rasheed levels off again and the cabin pressure has equalized. Sterling drops down into the belly again and works his way into the flight deck while Bruno and Chuck try to pry the door open. Rasheed is doing his best to finish the mission.

With no word from Sterling yet, the President has no choice but to order the plane shot down.

Sterling is able to get into the flight deck. He and Rasheed fight. Sterling is able to get the flight deck door open. Chuck and Bruno yank Rasheed out and Sterling takes control of the airplane and calls it in.

The F-15 is in firing position and his hand on the trigger. He confirms the order to fire on the aircraft. Brady yells for him to abort in the nick of time.

Sterling has been in the flight deck many times, but has never flown one. He puts on the headsets and talks to ground control. The plane is losing fuel and control. There is damage to the hydraulics. There is no way that they are going to make it the airport. With the screens shot up, Sterling has a crazy idea to follow one of the F-15's down to the Lake and attempt a water landing.

Emergency services are being set up nearby on one of the shores. The President had ordered it when Lake Mead became their final option.

Sterling orders the flight attendants to prepare the cabin. They get all of the passengers into their seats with their vests on. The Flight Attendants get a few of the MMA fighters to take seats near the doors and quickly brief them on how to open the doors when they land in the water.

Sterling lands in the water and the evacuation begins. The plane is sinking as the boats arrive. The passengers come out. Sterling checks the cabin to be sure that everyone is out.

Rasheed opens his eyes and grabs at Sterling. He and Sterling fight. Chuck comes up from behind an punches Rasheed in the face. They force Rasheed into the bathroom and lock the door. They swim out of the plane.

Moments later, Chuck and Sterling are pulled to safety and taken to the shore. Aaron walks up to Sterling and they have a terse conversation. A Federal Agent walks up to Sterling with two phones. On one is the President, on the other is his wife. Sterling never hesitates and takes the call from his wife.

Aaron takes the President's call and tells him that Sterling would be a perfect fit for his security plan. He can only smile as he watches Sterling walk off talking to his wife.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Vance's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This story popped into my head when a friend was talking about watching the MMA fights while another was talking about heading for Flight Attendant training. One idea was to make a comedy out of it, but after speaking to a few Flight Attendants I wanted to create a story that showed the motto, Flight Attendants are there to save you ass, not kiss it.