Dead Bang

Age rating: 17 and older
After terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon in NYC, it turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-flic, as we watch the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.
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Synopsis: Most zombie movies depict a nightmare run rampant in the suburbs and chronicle the survivors fight to escape. ‘Dead Bang’ takes a decidedly different approach and takes the same undead menace and transplants it into the heart of the greatest urban metropolis: New York City! New Yorkers are a different breed, and how they react and fight hordes of zombies is decidedly different than suburbanites.

A dirty bomb, terrorist attack on the Big Apple unleashes an experimental toxin that transforms its victims into mindless, blood-thirsty animals! Worse still is the fact that the toxin even affects the dead, reanimating the corpse to continue on its killing spree!

Nate Sheffield is a paramedic caught in the middle of the insanity that has become New York. A survivor of ‘9/11’, Nate can tell that this newest attack is a hundred times worse.
As Nate attempts to save the citizens of his hometown, the victims of the dirty bomb, dubbed ‘Beserkers’, begin to rise and attack. Within minutes, Nate watches as innocent civilians are pounced upon by the Beserkers. Even his partner is lost to the hordes of infected who go after anything that moves.

Nate races to the projects to rescue his son and daughter from the clutches of their mother who has become infected as well.

Banding together, Nate and a handful of other survivors seek refuge within a crack house turned fortress. But they soon find that being inside doesn’t make them safe, as the gang that occupies the crack house is opposed to them being there. Nate is eventually able to convince the gang’s leader, the murderous Redrum, that they all need to work together if they are to survive.

The survivors, scared and angry, combined with the cramped and loathsome quarters, and their different social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, make a tense situation even worse. The growing animosity between Nate and Redrum for leadership threatens to boil over several times, until the survivors realize they need additional food and supplies if they are to make it until the United States military can rescue them.

A handful of survivors sneak their way through what’s left of New York and pass hundreds of Beserkers to raid a convenience store. The survivors are almost successful but are discovered and are chased back to the crack house by Beserkers! But upon their return they find that a rival gang has invaded the crack house and have inadvertently let in the Beserkers who quickly overrun it!

Several survivors are killed, but Nate and those that remain manage to escape and take refuge within the abandoned United Nations building.

As they recoup, the survivors learn news broadcasts that the President has given the order to ‘sanitize’ New York through a series of air strikes! The survivors have 48-hours to get out of the city and to the safety of Yonkers, where the military has set up a safe-zone.

Nate and the survivors concoct a daring plan to infiltrate the Beserker infested Grand Central Station and commandeer a subway car and take it out of Manhattan, through the Bronx and straight to Yonkers.

The plan works, but at the last moment Redrum, and those loyal to him, betray Nate and the others, taking the subway car for themselves and leave them behind! With no alternative, Nate and the others flee to Times Square, fighting Beserkers the whole way, where they manage to commandeer a second subway car and head to Yonkers!

Once at the edge of the Bronx, Nate and his survivors resort to running on foot to reach the Yonkers DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), as hordes of Beserkers give chase! Several more survivors are lost, but eventually Nate, his kids, and the others make it to the safety of the U.S. military and out of New York City.


Redrum and his people also make it to the edge of the Bronx and find it strangely deserted. As they run towards the Yonkers border, they make a horrific discovery. They are in the middle of the largest cemetery in all the Bronx, and surrounded by thousands of hungry Beserkers…


In Hong Kong, the terrorists detonate a second dirty bomb…

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  • Script 1 - Stephen Mark's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    DEAD BANG is set in New York City after terrorists ignite a dirty bomb filled with a prototype bio-weapon, which turns the Big Apple into a zombie apocalypse. This is not your typical zombie-movie, as we watch how the various cultures and cliques found only in New York band together to fight back and survive.