Virtual Woman

Creator: Brian L. Porzak
Age rating: 17 and older
Virtual Woman is a graphic novel-style action film in which a computer glitch transports a female warrior from video game into the “real world” where she merges with human DNA and metes out punishment on the creators & players of games depicting violence against women.

Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: In the middle of a fierce lightning storm, the warrior Nadja electronically oozes from one side of the computer screen to the other as her virtual blood pours from the wound given her by Rodix the Ravager.

This virtual blood drips off the screen into the open Petri dish in which medical forensic student and gamer Todd Elkins has left DNA from the cadaver of a nameless woman he
has been examining.

The electrical charges from the computer’s malfunctioning motherboard act with the
matter in the Petri dish and, by morning, a full-grown woman…part virtual and part human…is generated from this mixture.

The newly created Nadja is bent on two things…finding the identity and killer of her
human self and destroying the creators of video games that brutalize women.

As she forms her personality and interacts with the environment and people of this world, Nadja discovers she has strange and powerful abilities from her virtual side that enable her
to become the champion of abused women and the frightening nemesis of their abusers.

With the help of Todd and his computer programmer friend Josh, she finds her two quests
are actually one as the three unmask a terrorist plot threatening the safety of the Nation.

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