Age rating: 17 and older

Lycette, and Beau, are two childhood sweethearts get divided by a tragedy and greed, are separated by the jealousy of Aurora. It is their love of music that reunites them.
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Synopsis: Beau and Lycette, are two childhood sweet hearts helping each other with their anxieties. One has lack of faith in them- social anxiety causing stage fright; the other has panic disorder has had it since childhood. Prior to graduation Lycette receives a letter saying that she was hand chosen to give a speech during the graduation ceremony. This letter sends Lycette into a panic mode. Beau finds out who had sent the letter. It is Aurora. She is the wedge that tries to come between them.They plan to go away on a dream vacation after graduating from college. Just before they hit the slopes during a candlelit dinner Beau proposes to Lycette. They become separated due to an avalanche in the Alps in France. That's when the excitement begins! A rescue team is dispatched to search for them when both Beau and Lycette don't return. Lycette is discovered first, and is taken away via airlift. The last thing Lycette see's are Beau's skiis sticking up out of the ground, but Beau is nowhere in sight.Beau and Lycette end up recovering at two different hospitals in another country, and there is a major communication gap, a language barrier! Monique is Lycette's nurse and gives her the emotional support to recover, while holding back a more personal interest in her. Monique starts to develop feelings for Lycette while helping her in her recovery, physically, emotionally, mentally. Lycette believes that Beau is dead. To make matters worse there is a romantic jealous rival named Aurora who has always tried to come between them threatens to tip the cart after hearing of the accident and Beau returns to the states! Beau's father owns a telecommunications company. Beau's family has money, but Beau doesn't want any part of it. But where is Lycette? There is a cover up, and more to the avalanche than is told. Music brought them together, and music will re-unite them as well!

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