The Bork

Creator: David Molinari
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
There’s a verse in the bible that says something like, “…even Satan himself can appear as an angel of light.” If this statement is true, then who can you trust? The terrible answer is… nobody. So it is with Stan.
Synopsis: Stan is a mean man who likes things done his way, in fact he insist on it. Stan has what he believes is a dysfunctional family. The truth is, Stan breeds most of all his own problems which leads to him being hunted down by a deamon sent from hell. But don't feel sorry for poor old Stan. Feel sorry for those poor souls who have to work and live with him.

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  • Test Movie 1 - Director Cut
    Creative Notes:
    What is The Bork!?? You can forget Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch and Napoleon Dynamite. This is the best suspense-comedy-horror B movie you will see this year, guaranteed. Tell your friends, but don't tell them the secret! The Bork!, is director David M Molinari's first feature. We can hardly wait to shoot part two of this winner!