Valentine: Spy For Hire

Creator: Brian Alex Clark
Age rating: 13 and older
If James Bond was a "consulting spy" with a strong social media presence, he would be Valentine: Spy For Hire. He's cool, good looking, and deadly efficient. But soon he'll learn that's not always enough.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Valentine is at the height of his "Spy For Hire" career. He's got diplomatic immunity in more than half the world's countries (including his own) and he's even kickstarted an iPad game inspired by his life.

But when he and his friends start getting targeted by an unknown person, all bets are off. He'll have to come to terms with reality and fight tooth and nail just to come out of this in one piece. And that's AFTER he deals with relocating a stolen weapon that literally lights air on fire before it is used on Chicago's first U.N. Summit.

It's a situation that Valentine might not come out of alive.

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