Creator: erik s vedder
Age rating: 13 and older
An ancient evil is awakened at the heart of our world and a team of scientists work together to prevent the apocalypse.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: A rich and evil archaeologist by the name of Blackthorne Shore, goes on an expedition and uncovers a prison that contains a giant skeleton chained to the ground. As members of his team become undead monsters he flees for his life.
Elsewhere his sister, Sandra Shore, approaches a group of scientists to conduct an expedition of her own. She visits the scientists, Doctors Armstrong, Augeter, Bright and Slattery, at their research facility and promises to fund their research. She reveals to them the location of a massive underground area and a key to unlock this area. Meanwhile, her brother in league with a corrupt politician recreates the scientists vehicles and gear an proceeds on to return to the prison of the first monster. The team travels beneath the earth where they encounter an ancient race of rock creatures.
Blackthorne betrays his mercenary team and releases the undead monster, D'Compose. D'Compose imprisons Blackthorne and proceeds to release his master, Metlar.
D'Compose arrives in the same area as the other team. It releases Metlar and turns Sandra Shore into an undead monster. After a massive battle, Metlar and D'Compose depart leaving the team to deal with an undead Sandra Shore.
The rock creatures knock Sandra Shore unconscious and decide to help the team. They bring them to a beautiful woodland area where they heal Sandra Shore. The team is then revealed the Inhumanoids violent and dark past.
Dr. Armstrong's team is then brought back to the surface where they prepare to take the fight to the Inhumanoids. In the meantime, D'Compose has released another Inhumanoid monster named Tendril.
Metlar reads Blackthorne's mind, painfully, to acquire more knowledge about humans. It learns of nuclear power and carries out an attack on a nuclear power plant. Metlar consumes the material and becomes addicted. It then sends D'Compose to retrieve more material.
D'Compose raises an undead army and attacks a Soviet nuclear weapons facility while Tendril and Blackthorne Shore attack the scientists at their facility. The team manages to seriously hurt Tendril but Blackthorne Shore shoots Dr. Bright. and kidnaps Sandra.
The team is met by a Delta Force operative that witnessed the nuclear power plant attack. He assists them in going after Sandra Shore. Underground in Metlar's lair, Sandra Shore is turned into an undead monster again.
The rock creatures are aided by tree creatures who go by the name of Mutores. They retrieve the team and lead an all out assault on Metlar's lair of Infernac. After a lengthy battle, the team manages to save Sandra Shore and rig the nuclear weapons to explode. Metlar tries to consume the material and is grievously wounded when the weapons explode.
The team emerges triumphant but is placed under arrest by military forces of the U.S. Here they are approached to create a team dedicated to destroying the threat of these monsters. D'Compose manages to escape and comes across the damaged but living Tendril.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - erik's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I tried to take a cartoon from the 80's and turn it into an awesome horror/action movie. I re-worked many of the characters to give them more depth and make them more interesting.