Creator: erik s vedder
Age rating: 13 and older
The character Clayface gets a more in-depth, sympathetic origin story. This is loosely based on the story from the 90's cartoon and given a more edgy, adult setting.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Matt Hagen is an substance abusing actor who is past his prime. One night at a press party for his failing film he becomes intoxicated and drives home even when his friend Clint tries to persuade him otherwise. He gets in a horrible wreck that destroys his face and body. While in the hospital he is approached by a corrupt businessman by the name of Roland Daggett. Daggett had been trying to have Bruce Wayne invest in his product called Miracle despite it not being approved by the FDA. Hagen agrees with the surgery, which proves to be an incredible success.
Daggett tries to use Hagen's success story to receive investment from Bruce Wayne. Wayne refuses, making Daggett resentful. Hagen also finds out the results are only temporary and require more of the substance to continue looking normal.
While Hagen was in the hospital, his friend Clint had been taking care of Hagen's ailing mother.
Hagen tried to make amends for his horrible behavior.
Daggett sends Hagen to assassinate Bruce Wayne and take on his persona long enough to sign off on investing in Miracle. Daggett attempts to kill Bruce Wayne but the painful side-effects of Miracle cause him to fail. Hagen returns to Daggett Industries. Daggett has Hagen beaten nearly to death by his mob partners and thrown into a searing vat of Miracle.
Hagen is thrown into the vat. The vat is emptied into the ocean where the remains of Hagen begin to emerge as a massive, mud-like creature.
As Hagen's disappearance is investigated a massive creature attacks a mob boss who was involved in Hagen's death. Hagen exacts a horrifying revenge on the mob boss when he realizes that he can absorb and clone people.
He clones the mob boss who goes after Daggett and brings him back to Hagen. Hagen proceeds to clone Daggett and attempt to take over Gotham. When Hagen visits his sick mother, she dies in front of him sending him into a rage.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon has been investigating the suspicious behavior of Roland Daggett. When the police encounter the mobster clone they realize things are spiraling out of control. They enlist the help of an Army National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear team to go after Hagen. Hagen proves to powerful for them and kills the team.
Gotham city is now on lockdown. Commissioner Gordon wages a war on the streets against the army of clones Hagen has now created while Batman attacks Hagen in the sewers. After an intense battle, Hagen succumbs to an aerosol chemical that breaks down his biology. Hagen's demise causes the death of the clones and saves Gotham.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - erik's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I loved the original 90's cartoon so I decided to dedicate a full story to him. I wanted the feel of a iconic horror story and a noir police film. I also wanted the character of Clayface to be the victim of an accident but then fully accepts his role as a villain.