Mr. Freeze

Creator: erik s vedder
Age rating: Everyone
Based on the 90's Batman cartoon, Mr. Freeze is a dark tale of the origins of Mr. Freeze.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Dr. Victor Frieze is a brilliant engineer/geneticist who is working on a cryogenic freezing program for CryoCorps. He is submerged in his work and deeply in love with his supporting wife. When his program is on the verge of collapse, Victor is hit with the worst news imaginable. Victor's wife is diagnosed with a rare disease that is killing her. Obsessed with saving her, Victor begins to work on a human cryogenic machine, even though he knows the process to revive anything frozen drives them mad.
The CEO of CryoCorp finds out what Victor has been doing and tries to stop the project. Victor becomes the victim of the project as everyone else is killed. He awakens and retrieves his terminally ill wife and cryogenically freezes her.
As Victor deals with his new condition, Commissioner Gordon enlists in the aid of Bruce Wayne to keep Nora Fries alive. A new figure emerges in Gotham, a CIA agent with a double agenda who goes by the name Ortiz. As Victor's victims begin to mount, the FBI also sends a team to assist. Commissioner Gordon begins to lose control of the situation when a SWAT team is killed by Victor. The FBI assumes command of the Gotham Police Department.
Meanwhile Ortiz tracks down Victor and makes him an offer. If Victor can give Ortiz the key to his condition he will reveal Nora's location. Victor makes a daring raid on Wayne Tower and retrieves Nora's body. Ortiz retrieves Victor's confiscated equipment and also manages to capture the sole survivor of the SWAT raid on Victor's facility, Detective Renee Montoya.
Montoya escapes while Victor prepares to revive Nora. Ortiz attacks the police station that Montoya was brought too until rescue comes in the form of Commissioner Gordon. The Batman arrives and steals Ortiz, who he interrogates for information.
Victor succeeds in finding a way to revive Nora. The Batman arrives and Victor flies into a rage attacking him. The entire facility collapses form their fight. The Batman narrowly survives and discovers a piece of Victor's research. As the Batman leaves, Victor emerges from the rubble to find a revived Nora Frieze. She picks him up and carries him off.
Commissioner Gordon regains control of the Gotham Police Department while Ortiz faces the consequences of his actions.
Victor and Nora Frieze comfort each other as an uncertain future faces them.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - erik's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Loosely based on the 90's Batman cartoon version of Mr. Freeze, I tried to create a more in-depth, sympathetic character. The Mr. Freeze I imagined was a result of a tragic accident but became a true villain with one goal, to save his life at the cost of others.