The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Creator: Rob Warden
Age rating: 17 and older
5 universes. Utopia, Earth, 5 Points, The Dark Universe, and the Socialistic universe. Dante needs to team up with Dante from Utopia to catch the Dark Dante; for he found a way into Utopia, and now it is being taken over by Darkness. Earth is next.. unless he can be captured
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Dante Richards. You're almost-seemingly average, everyday kid. What happens when he starts to see things... visions in the mirror? What happens when his reflection talks to him, telling him of alternate universes? Telling him of a world so corrupt, so cruel, that they wish to take earth as well as 4 other universes over. Dante goes- Dante journeys to help save humanity. One step at a time.

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