Nothin' Much

Creator: Belinda E. Perry
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
An old woman, a recently-divorced lady, and a girl who fears her mother's boyfriend are brought together through the rare compassion of a drifter who works with horses. It's the new west; a small town left behind by today's high-tech world.
Synopsis: A rancher picks up a drifter walking a deserted road. He needs help unloading cattle and bargains with the drifter, Day Sandoval, to unload the steers at the local shipping pens. Sandoval proves to be competent, so the rancher, Chrome Kinsock, makes a deal; Sandoval will work the cattle, do chores for an old woman that Kinsock helps, and then move to a line shack for summer work.
The old woman, Elodie Vigil, has lived in Magdalena, NM for her lifetime; her obnoxious new neighbor, Anna Secord is a woman from the east whose husband moved her into a house attached to Elodie's, then laid divorce papers on the kitchen table and left.
A local girl, Color Jefferson, keeps a horse at the shipping pens where the rancher leaves his cattle overnight. The girl recognizes Day's reluctance to interact with her and the two women; he even is wary of the rancher. And from the bruises on Color's face, Day knows that the child is being abused at home. One night, Color seeks out Day's protection from her mother's boyfriend. Day does the chores for Elodie, and comes to Anna's rescue when she is physically wounded. The women are slowly trapping Day with their individual needs
When Day is severely beaten, the three women care for him. Day and Anna join in a physical relationship where sex reluctantly becomes love. Elodie accepts Color into her home, and when Anna finds herself admitting to love for Day, he has to fight his own history as he tries to understand the meaning of family. Day confronts the abusive boyfriend before being rescued himself by Elodie and Color.
Anna, having been courted by the rancher, watches the man as he does not stand up for Day when the townspeople attack him for supposedly abusing Color. Anna tells Kinsock that he is less than a man and demans that he leave her alone.
Day Sandoval has the opportunity to have a family; instead he turns and runs. Then he stops, stepping down from the ride he had taken from a trucker, and faces the truth, that he is leaving all that is good in his life. It is his choice, perhaps his last chance. To be with three women who have come to love him; as a son, a father, and a lover.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Vernon's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Changed passive voice, continuous tense to active voice present tense. Shortened action paragraphs and dialog. Removed redundant scenes. Tried to adhere to accepted script guidelines.

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  • Script 1 - Belinda's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Nothin' Much is from the book, published under the name of William A. Luckey, aka Belinda E. Perry. It's a strong story about choosing family and learning to take risks about love and commitment.