Tales from Kruttar - The Cloud of Death

Age rating: 13 and older
After four thousand years, evil creatures break free from the underworld seeking revenge against mankind.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Four thousands years had passed since the epic and bloody Battle of the North, when mankind defeated the demons from the underworld and sent them back into the depths of the planet Kruttar. But a powerful earthquake breaks open an abyss and unleashes the abyssens - the creatures from the abyss - once again.

As the abyssens quickly advance, ravaging all the defenseless towns along their way, an ominous dark red cloud - dubbed the Cloud of Death - expands, covering the sky in a permanent red dusk. Those who managed to escape from the slaughter spread tales of horror and death coming from the North.

Only Asteign - a small town on the borders of the Forest of Souls - and Orbeliev - Kruttar's biggest city - stand on the abyssens' way as mankind's last points of resistance. Soon, the abyssens' army - led by a powerful sorceress called "The Adrift Dame" - and the last line of mankind's defense will clash before the high walls of Orbeliev, in a battle that might decide the fate of everyone on the planet.

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