Victim 13

Creator: Gary Gennarelli
Age rating: 17 and older
Danny is a college student brutally murdered by a psychotic killer, only to wake up afterwards to repeat the day of his murder all over again. Danny realizes the only way to stop the endless cycle is to stay alive long enough to find the killer and kill him first.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: It’s the story of Danny Milton, a twenty-something college student who wakes up on a bright, sunny morning, not knowing it’s the last day of his life; a day that ends with Danny becoming the latest victim of The Reaper, a masked, psychotic killer who has already claimed 12 lives.

If being Victim 13 wasn’t bad enough, Danny learns things can get worse when he wakes up after his murder to repeat the day of his death over again. Danny makes every attempt to avoid his fate, to change the course of events that lead to his death. He tries to run, tries to hide, but regardless of the choices he makes, the final outcome is the same. And after each gruesome, brutal murder, Danny wakes up to repeat the cycle of pain and horror.

The killer could be anyone, anywhere. Danny has no one to turn to. His best friend Victor thinks Danny is losing his mind; and Lindsey, the object of his affection and new girl next door, is offering her Catholic faith as an answer. When his appeal to the lead investigator of the murders, Detective Banes, is met with anger and contempt, Danny knows he is on his own. The only chance he has of escaping the endless cycle of violence and death is to try and stay alive long enough to find the identity of the killer, track him down and kill him before he can kill Danny.

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