The Stork

Creator: Sean Kirkpatrick
Age rating: 13 and older
In a world where it is uncommon for humans to give birth, one (un)lucky couple discover the joys and pains of pregnancy. Set in a strange future, this comedy is sure to delight mothers, fathers, and everyone
Synopsis: An un-named couple have their lives flipped around when the wife discovers she is pregnant. You see, in this future, natural childbirth is a rare thing and tends to occur in third world countries.

A specialist is called in to help the distraught mother and golden-retriever-like husband. Not to mention assist the bumbling doctor.

But not everything is peachy-keen in Canada. The Stork Corporation - a tax-funded baby-making business - does not like that some one is having a baby for free.

Things get dark when The Stork Corporation intervenes...

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