Creator: Joshuah Buckle
Age rating: 13 and older
The lives of three strangers are turned upside down as they are thrust upon an alien world, only to discover an alien threat against Earth. Will they face their fears and become Earth’s unknown heroes?
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Synopsis:
Written by Joshuah Buckle

Chris is an everyday office worker, working in a dead end job. One Friday after work he goes out for a drink with the guys from work. At the bar the room is silenced as a news anchor reports about strange noises being heard all over the planet. The room shakes and a moment later Chris finds himself on an alien world staring at an alien murdering another human. He is saved by another man, Ben who was also brought to that planet. BEN was pushing back militia in Afghanistan when he was transported. Moments later a third appears on the planet, a young university student named Lisa. Their world was instantly turned upside down.

They explore the desert like planet and come to an object protruding from it. They discover vibrations in the material of the objects, which is part of the alien technology. They find “hot spots” where the vibration is strongest and touching these spots transport them to locations in an underground base.

The discover the reason they were brought there was a fault in the alien technology. The aliens were testing and planning to send an army to earth to lie in wait. They find a plot to invade Earth by the aliens military force.

Our trio have to step up and become the saviors of the planet. They find an alien who is part of an alien resistance. Although the communication is a big problem they get by. The alien implants a small piece of technology on Chris’s temple which shows him images of the alien worlds and technology. They discover a huge alien ship that is about to leave for earth on it’s journey. They also discover that what seemed like an instant for them to be transported from Earth was actually years.

They find their way onto the ship and using Ben’s C4 in his pack they devise a plan to find the power core to the ship and when they reach Earth they would escape and blow the power source. The movie hits a climax when there is a huge battle where Ben’s life is lost and Chris has to step up and become the hero. The device in his head is also growing into his body and he may not have long to live.

Chris and Lisa make it to the front of the ship, Chris has changed dramatically through the whole ordeal and before the ship blows uses the technology he now possesses to send Lisa back to Earth. With only enough time to turn and look into the sky as the alien ship coming into Earths atmosphere explodes and falls to Earth. Chris gives his life to save Lisa after promising he would get her home.

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