Creator: domonic paris
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
“SEEDS” takes the hot button topic of genetically-modified foods and puts it into the context of an alien life form.
Synopsis: A meteor shower in 1932 bears grave consequences for a family living in the dust bowl landscape of Oklahoma. The suspense-­‐laced opening has ominous overtones with the killings of the family and literally plants the “seed” for what will come as the story shifts to present day. Thirty-­‐two years old and eight months pregnant, eco-­‐architect, Jules Mason has unknowingly purchased the very land the 1932 incident occurred on where she has designed and built the first self-­‐ sustaining home that she hopes will attract a community of like-­‐minded environmentally conscious people to start a community. When her husband, Matthew and their sixteen year old daughter Betsy join her from their home in Austin, Texas everything is great, the future holds promise and a new adventure. That changes quickly when workers, drilling through rock to put in a new well, set in motion horrors that will rival what happened back in 1932. In the dark recesses of the homes’ basement, the first, long-­‐dormant seed becomes a plant bearing strange fruit. Over time, this insidious “alien form” starts to take over just beyond their unsuspecting eyes.
Slowly the plants glom onto anything; parasites needing a host to survive. Touching the fruit leaves an almost undetectable iridescent film on Matthew’s hand. When he touches his wife’s child-­‐swollen stomach, it’s instantly absorbed into her skin. Matthew’s white-­‐trash sister, Cassie and wild, 14 year old son, Ryder come to visit unannounced, claiming to be fleeing her abusive boyfriend, Ronnie. Ryder and Betsy, never ones to get along, discover a storm cellar buried under the hard scrabble at the back of the property. Ryder disappears into a tunnel leading deep into underground caves. Betsy barely escapes with her life as “something” tries to attack her. The action and ensuing panic ratchets up as the “seeds” take over putting everyone’s life in danger. An oncoming tornado, hideous anthropomorphic-­‐like creatures threatening them at every turn culminate with Ronnie showing up, Jules giving birth to her child and the epic fight to survive as these other-­‐worldly creatures try to consume all in their path.

“SEEDS“ is relentless; a horror film that gets under your skin on a psychological level combined with a shot to your gut, blood-­‐laced survival momentum that even when it’s over, you ask….is it really over.? ...or are these abominations waiting, laying dormant, just needing the right conditions to spring to life again and spread terror to whoever is doomed to come in contact with them.

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