Moon Boys

Creator: Rick Bennette
Age rating: Everyone
Two teenage boys create a rocket fuel powerful enough to earn themselves a journey to the moon from NASA. Trouble is, someone doesn't want them to make it home alive.
Synopsis: For their college chemistry project, Mark and Steve are planning on creating a more efficient fuel for their cars. What they discover is a molecular formula far beyond their wildest dreams. Months of experimenting have yielded one gallon of a super fuel the energy equivalent of a hundred gallons of gas. After their car engine is destroyed by the powerful fuel, they go back to the drawing board and use their new formula for rocket fuel.

Their model rocket launches flawlessly over the Florida everglades. The few spectators clap and cheer, then go back to their normal business. NASA tracks the rocket 1000 miles into space, landing 900 miles from where it was launched.

When NASA learns this was a six foot model rocket, they know it's impossible for such a small craft to carry enough fuel to propel itself 1000 miles into space. The secret is out. NASA launches a full scale investigation to figure out the boy's secret. But the boys aren't about to divulge their formula so easy. Millions of dollars and NASA's promise to build a highly efficient spacecraft that will take Mark and Steve on a trip around the moon lure them to divulge their secret. One man sees a potential for his own gain, and sabotages the mission.

As Mark re-evaluates his love interest a quarter of a million miles from earth, it becomes a race against time for two college boys and one experienced flight commander to figure out how to remain alive long enough to get their crippled moon ship home.

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